Animal extinction

Colby Hayden, Staff Writer

All animals hold a special place in the food chain, what if one highly needed animal goes extinct? Well, this could cause major problems with the populations, animal populations could either decrease or increase cause of it. The animal population can be a delicate thing at times, especially right now. Due to our growing urge/need to build more houses and work areas, we need to cut down more and more trees everyday. The issue with that is, animals that live in those areas are having to struggle with the lose of their shelters.

We are ruining animal habitats, and we could help this issue, if we actually tried. We need to bring awareness to deforestation, but also global warming, since deforestation is part of global warming. What animals are being effected from deforestation? Well here’s a few-the Black Spider Monkey is now endangered due to the Amazon’s deforestation. The Lemur, which is considered one of the worlds rarest animals, is now a critically threatened animal from deforestation in the Kirindi Forest. Now, one big cat is in danger. The tiger, due to it’s habitat the Greater Mekong River Forest, is being cut down, and the population is estimated to be less than 4,000.


In the future these animals could be extinct, and so many more could be too, such as the koala due to the Australian bush fires. Kids wouldn’t be able to say that they’ve seen these animals in real life, because we decided to not take action when we should’ve. We should bring more awareness to this issue. Global warming is a very important thing that should be talked about and dealt with before it is too late for not only animals, but us.