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Living Traditions Festival
Samantha Sorensen, Staff Writer • May 21, 2024
AP advice
Ayan Mohamud, Writer • May 15, 2024


Hello, welcome. I will be talking a little bit about cats, and what I know about them. I’ll be going over some types of cats, things cats can do, and the benefits of owning a cat.


There is a large variety of cat breeds, but nobody pays much attention to that fact. Tabby is a fur color. Tortoiseshell is a fur color. Calico is a fur color. Tortoiseshell and Calico cats are dominantly female due to their genes. Maine Coon is a breed of cat. Ragdoll is a breed of cat. The Scottish fold is a breed of cat. The breed of cat is not always determined by fur color. I have a silver tabby cat, but I don’t know what breed of cat she is. She is definitely a short-hair of some sort.

Cats have many different abilities, such as the ability to jump 5-6 times their height, healing abilities (stimulation of the healing process), and they are master manipulators. Cats lack a collar bone. That is why they can fit in such small spaces. They’re highly flexible, and can survive falls from great heights, simply by relaxing their muscles and spreading their arms and legs to make themselves a parachute. Before they hit the ground, they push their legs underneath themselves, minimizing the impact.

A cat’s purr is strong enough to stimulate the healing process, and it’s been proven that having a cat can make you live longer. They help with depression, and give boosts of serotonin. The whiskers of a cat help determine whether they can fit through a space or not. Their whiskers are about the width of their bodies, and if their whiskers can fit, so can the rest of their body.

Adult cats rarely meow at one another, since it’s a way to grab the attention of another cat, or, if they’re a kitten, it’s to call for their mothers. Cats meow at people so much to grab our attention. Humans will baby cats because of this, and they often don’t even know it. They look like babies, and they cry like babies.

When a cat falls from a short distance, it is more likely to get injured, than if the cat were to fall off of a building, like an apartment, or an 8-story building. This is because cats aren’t able to twist their bodies quickly enough from a short distance. It gives them less time to react, and they can get seriously injured.

The pouch of fat just under your cat’s belly is called a primordial pouch. I don’t know why they have this, but this pouch is often softer than the underbelly of the cat. Cats won’t let you touch their paws or belly (most of the time) because they’re both vulnerable parts of the cat.


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