New art teacher

Ivana Sanchez, Staff Writer

Amazing news this year we have a new art teacher her name is Mrs. Poitevint. Hunter High has welcomed her with open arms and lots of the students have been treating her well, she looks like she has been enjoying being here at Hunter and lets hope it stays that way. Mrs. Poitevint specializes with photography and video making. It is proud to say she has been working hard here at Hunter many students have said many good things about her, she is always looking at things positively and always has a smile on her face.

Mrs. Poitevint was interviewed a few days ago this she stated “Hunter high has been so kind and all the students are amazing they always finish their work, they have never caused much of a problem, it is just great to be here at Hunter high”. This must of been a long journey for our new teacher imagine all the challenges she faced. Mrs. Poitevint, stated “I think one challenge I have had is time.  I am busy being a mom and a teacher and don’t take enough time to take pictures, other than that I love my team and the students”. This is good to hear and we will make everything easy and fun for you. 

She explained “ I loved photography since high school.  I knew I wanted to be a photographer and went to school for it.  I started working as an aide part time at a junior high later on and realized I loved working with kids and wanted to put my love of art together with teaching.” That pretty cool and we Hunter High students believe so. With a smile on her look she later added on “ I’ve been working in photography for 8 years now, and I couldn’t have done it without my family they were always patient and supported. I went to Southern Utah University and the University of Utah” she laughed and then stated “ I wanted to be many things, I thought I wanted to be a park ranger for a minute when I started college”. This is amazing that you had great loving and supportive family. Later with a huge smile on her face said “ I love photography, the thing that I love the most about art and teaching is learning about other people.  Art is a way of expressing yourself and photography shows people how you see the world and what you think is important”. We love to hear that she is doing great so far in the year and hope it stays the same. And we hope Hunter High has an amazing winter break.