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Ramon Fonseca

Who am I? My name is Ramon Fonseca and I’m a junior at Hunter High School. I’m 17 years old and I’m one year away from being an adult. That means I have one year left of high school. That’s crazy. I like to play video gam...

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Alexa Zoleto

I joined this journalism class because it seemed interesting. When I was younger writing really stood out to me since words came to me easily. This class is helping me to improve my writing also such as punctuation, and I believe...

Staff Writer

Josue Santibanez

Hello, My name is Josue Santibanez. I just go by Joey since it's easier to pronounce. I'm currently attending my senior year here at Hunter High school. I'm an introvert and get stressed out whenever there's too much stuff happening...

Staff Writer

Pyper Fowles

Hello! I'm Pyper Fowles I graduate the year of 2023. Currently I am a aspiring journalist but, when I graduate I plan to attend college and graduate there as a fully fledged journalist. I greatly support all Hunter high schoo...

Staff Writer

Sydnie Archer

Hi! My name is Sydnie Archer. I am a junior at Hunter High school. I joined the newspaper because I love writing. When I graduate I want to go to college for paramedical science and become a paramedic. Some of my favorite things...

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Selina Malu

Hello guys, my name is Selina but I go by Lina. I am 18 years old and a senior here at Hunter High School. I like to read fiction books and bake a lot of deserts. My favorite sports are rugby, volleyball, and basketball. I like...

Staff Writer

Shienne Alanis

Hi! My name is Shienne Alanis. I'm a senior who loves writing, which is why I took this opportunity to be a journalist. I also love playing videos games. I play many different games since I love exploring different kind of games....

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