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Josue Santibanez, Staff Writer

Hello, My name is Josue Santibanez. I just go by Joey since it's easier to pronounce. I'm currently attending my senior year here at Hunter High school. I'm an introvert and get stressed out whenever there's too much stuff happening around me all at once. I'm kind of bad at expressing myself through speech, which is why I'm always looking for outlets where I can express my thoughts, feelings, and opinions. I do that through text and writing, which is how I stumbled onto this class. I've been told that I'm decent at writing and drawing so I have that going for me. My dream job is to be a graphic designer. I would rather have a job that pays a low wage but that I enjoy, rather than a job that pays well but isn't a nice to work. I only have one goal in life, to make an impact on the world, whether it be small or big. That probably sounds silly and like a pipe dream to many people and it is, but I'm aiming for it. It's one of the many things that motivate me to be better and reach further.

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Graduating early

January 13, 2022
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Josue Santibanez