Graduating early

Josue Santibanez, Staff Writer

Graduation is always a time filled with emotion. It can be an exciting time for some students, these students usually want to go out into the “real world” as soon as possible. It can be a worrying time for some, those who are working on credits only have a year left to gather. For certain students, however, it can even be a dreadful time, and I, of course, am not exempt from any of these feelings.

I’m currently graduating early and I feel scared, hopeful, and excited all at the same time. I’ve felt similar to this before, but those only make up the rare moments in my life. I don’t mean to get too personal, but I really valued my time here at Hunter. I feel like I learned a lot from so many teachers who you could tell at a glance had a passion and a drive to teach students all they could. If you’re a student and reading this, I want you to know that you’re not obligated to grow up so fast. Enjoy the time you have left here at high school, talk to that stranger, do the things you want to do before the year is over.  You might not get a second chance.