Video game article

Tausinga Makaafi, Staff Writer

I wanted to talk about the article “Choreographer sues Epic Games for using his copyrighted moves in a Fortnite emote”, because “The lawsuit” which was filed last week, says Epic Games, which owns Fortnite, “did not credit Hanagami nor seek his consent to use, display, reproduce, sell or create derivative work based on the Registered Choreography.” I got the article from NBC News. It had many articles about anything and it could be vague but could explain the situation.

He can’t sue Epic Games because a lawyer that was asked the same question by “Merrick Hanna” said that the dance is not long enough to be counted as copyright. If he wants to sue them he will have to find a more valid reason than the dance. The Lawyer explained that they cant sue Epic Games because it was too “Short” and the dancer can’t sue them because it has a different name than what the dancer calls it. The person who explained why Epic Games can’t be sued is called “Law By Mike”.

This is my opinion but yes, he can’t sue them because the dance is looped and it is short compared to his original dance. And the dance will have to be called the same thing because it’s different in-game. But it’s sad that they take money from the original maker of the dance. Epic Games is very smart making it short and simple and changing the name was a good take on their side.