Holiday Tree Festival

Pyper Fowles, Staff Writer

Attention to all our festive staff, students, and more. The time has come for the Holiday Tree Festival. Every year FBLA and their advisor Ms. Bryner hold the festival, this year it’s held from December 6 – 10. This year’s theme is classic animated movies before the 2000s. Ms. Bryner had said, ¨If you have a class that wants to do one, feel free; this is open to anyone who wants to decorate a tree.¨ There are eleven trees and movies that have been selected.

Starting with FBLA they’re doing 101 Dalmatians, LIA doing Road to El Dorado, the next club is Skills USA and they’re doing Lion King, French Club is doing the Hunchback of Notre Dame, Cheer is doing Nightmare before Christmas, the drill team is doing the Grinch Who Stole Christmas,  Theater is doing Hercules, DECA is Doing Winnie the Pooh, Debate is doing beauty and the beast, FCCLA is doing Curious George, and the final group is Dance Company and they’re doing Alice in Wonderland.

It’s one of the most festive events at Hunter High School that every student gets to see and experience.