The world of video games

Rigel Yam, Staff Writer

Video games. Two words that are usually associated with lazy, unsocial, and overweight people. Specifically teenage boys. But many different people play video games. It can range from rappers, billionaires, regular businessmen, parents, and even female gamers! Even though female gamers aren’t as common as male gamers, they’re still out there. I am a gamer. The games I usually play is Minecraft, Fortnite, and Call of Duty. I don’t usually like playing by myself because it just isn’t as fun. Playing with other people just makes games more fun and interesting. I usually play with my cousins, or my siblings. My favorite game right now is Minecraft. I have a world with my little brother, it’s in survival and all legit, with no cheats or anything. Minecraft is a fun survival game, it has different options too, not just survival. It has a creative option, where you don’t need to survive but you can just build whatever you want. It’s pretty fun. Minecraft also has servers, where you can play minigames. Different servers have different minigames that you can play. Fortnite is also a really fun game. It’s a battle royale game. You have to find different weapons and items to help you survive so you can win the game. It starts off with 100 players on an island, but the play area gradually shrinks so players are forced to come in contact with each other and fight. Only one person lives, depending on what game mode you play. You can play solo (by yourself, one winner), duos (you and someone else, a team of two win), or squads (you and 3 other people, a team of 4 win).