Q&A with Yearbook Advisor

Tausinga Makaafi, Staff Writer

This article is based on the yearbook and the yearbook staff. For those deeply interested in it all, the following four questions might help us to learn more about it. Brian Dahle is the yearbook advisor, who is being interviewed.

Q:) Is it hard to make a yearbook?

A:) The answer is both yes and no. First, the program we use to design and layout the yearbook is super cool and easy to use. The actual making and designing of the book on the computer isn’t hard and can get done quickly; however, gathering content (pictures, quotes, writing captions, finding stories) can be extremely challenging and takes lots of time.  The yearbook staff is always looking to gather content for the yearbook. Combine the gathering of content with the deadlines, and it can be an extremely challenging process. There is very little leeway with deadlines because we are producing a product that needs to be printed and produced and shipped to the school. If we submit late (past our deadline), then there is a chance the yearbook won’t arrive on time. Not having the yearbook arrive on time, really isn’t an option.

In a way, the yearbook class runs just like a business. We need to make sure we have the product to sell, in a timely manner, or our business won’t be successful. This can be stressful at times, but also a lot of fun and certainly provides opportunities for real-world learning experiences.

Q:) Do you sort the yearbook by last name?

A:) The portraits get sorted by grade and then by the last name, but that is the only part of the book that is organized by students’ last names. The rest of the book is organized by activities: we have a section for clubs, performing arts, athletics, dances, assemblies, student stories, and so on.  There is an index in the back of the book that has every student listed, in alphabetical order by last name, but this just allows students to find their friends and themselves easily in the book.

Q:) How do you facilitate the yearbook staff?

A:) During class registration (January and February) we try and recruit students to join the class. We are looking for students who are hardworking, love learning, are not afraid of deadlines, and can collaborate with their peers. If a student has these four attributes, they’ll do well in the Yearbook class.  Everything else in the Yearbook class (photography, photo editing, graphic design, interviewing, writing) can be taught. The students who excel in this class show up each day and work hard.

Q:) How can students be a part of the yearbook staff?

A:) You need to do two things to be in the yearbook class: first, fill out the yearbook application. We require an application because the class should only have about 30 students. If we get more than 30 applicants, then we need to choose the candidates that best meet the qualifications.  Second, you need to register for the class with your counselor. If you register for the class, but don’t fill out the application then you won’t be admitted to the class.

For those curious and who want to learn more about how to be a part of the yearbook, hopefully, this gives you answers.