A meet and greet with author Tiffany Rosenhan

Selina Malu, Staff Writer

On May 2,  during our 3rd period, a selected amount of students were chosen to be a part of a meet and greet with the author Tiffany Rosenhan. Ms. Rosenhan taught and informed us of many ways and steps to create our own work. With that she allowed us to use our creativity and grow our knowledge out to make something that would interest people who have the same views or creativity as you.

In order to create something, you must first, free write your idea. give a quick view of what the movie or book is going to be like upon seeing it. Second, you must create a pitch to give producers your idea of an ideal book/movie. third create an outline for your book/movie. this will plan everything out and make sense of its order. Fourth, you must put all that work into action and create an edit this will give the producers a look into your work and allow them to edit and fix it up making the book/movie to run smoothly with no mistakes. Finally, create the final project.

There are so many options for us in high school to open our creative minds and set foot into a world of discovery that allows us to expand it and touch the minds of others.