Junior Prom and how it went

Lilie Sanchez, Staff Writer

  (The following is what I personally experienced at the school dance and my own personal opinion.)

   Junior prom was a lot of fun, especially when you’re with someone you enjoy spending your time with. The dance took place at 155 North 1000 West, in Salt Lake City at the Grand Building. This was just one big building with 2 floors. The bottom floor was where all the dancing took place and the top floor was where you found the water, snacks, tables, and photo booth.  

   Dancing was a lot of fun, The songs that played during the dance were some iconic songs like “Baby” by Justin Bieber and “You belong with me” by Taylor Swift. Everyone seemed like they were having a good time dancing and having fun. Sadly, I wasn’t there long enough to see who got prom royalty, but I congratulate those who won. Anyways, you would see people dancing or just people sitting on the sidelines having a good time. Either way, the dance was fun, it’s recommended to go to not only have fun but to have a fun high school experience too. You don’t necessarily have to go with someone, you can go with friends or your partner if you want to but you don’t have to because I guarantee you that there will be someone that will ask you to dance whether it’s someone you know or not. At the end of the day, you’ll have fun but if dances aren’t your thing, that’s okay too. – Lilie Sanchez