Ukraine live updates

Here are the latest developments in the war in Ukraine (New York Times)

Lilie Sanchez, Staff Writer

According to the New York Times in an article entitled, “Ukraine live Updates: Russia declares new phase of war as forces clash in east” we learned new information on the situation there. “Ukraine is resisting Russia’s initial thrusts in a sprawling offensive that could reshape the conflict. The Pentagon estimated that Moscow has added thousands of troops in Ukraine in recent days. “

Things to know include “Russia declared that its offensive for control over Ukraine’s industrial heartland was underway on tuesday as it bombarded targets across the sprawling eastern front, with Ukrainian officials saying they were mounting a spirited attack.” 

In other developments: “President  Biden is expected to meet with allies in a video conference to discuss how to step up military assistance for Ukraine and increase economic pressure on Moscow as the war enters a possibility decisive new phase” “About 2,000 civilians were trapped at a large steel factory in Mariupol along with Ukrainian forces that are waging what appears to be the last defense of the city. Russia seeks to take the city as part of a strategically important “land bridge” to occupy Cimera. Ukrainian troops appear to have used cluster munitions, which are banned because they can indiscriminately harm civilians, according to evidence reviewed by the New York Times.”

Anyone who reads this might have an idea of what’s really going on between Ukraine and Russia. Hopefully more is learned about what’s going on in Ukraine soon. [right now]