Easter show stabbing 2022

Selina Malu, Staff Writer

On April 11, 2022, in Sydney, Australia a 17-year-old male Uati  “Pele”  Faletolu passed away on his way to the hospital after being stabbed in the chest at an Easter Show (carnival). Faletolu has worked at the Easter show for nearly 2 years prior and was working the night of his death.

Faletolu went on a break to hang out with some friends and his younger brother. While having fun and seeing the many activities two rival gangs bumped into each other, a fight broke out between the two postal code rivals (the 67s and the 27s) started as a brawl but ended with the death of Faletolu. No one has stepped out to help out the police as they are trying to put ease into the mind of Faletolu’s family. All witnesses who recorded the brawl have not come up with their recordings to help arrest the killer.

A 15-year-old male was arrested and was named the younger brother of Uati. His charges did not have any relation to the stabbing. After witnessing his brother being stabbed to death he ran after the other gang and tried to fight them back. He was caught with a knife on him that led to being arrested.

Faletolu’s girlfriend Taylor Piliae has announced through her younger sister that she is indeed pregnant with Faletolu’s child. Someone stated that Faletolu’s biggest goal was to become a father. Through the darkness, there will always be light at the end. My condolences and prayers to the families.