Should ending a person’s life justify being bullied

Selina Malu, Staff Writer

Earlier in the year a 14-year-old student at Hunter High in West Valley City, Utah shot two of his classmates for being harassed on multiple occasions. It seems now that our generation has turned to violence and committing heinous crimes to be left alone. We have become so quick to turn to violence and killing that we have forgotten how to solve problems without creating a bigger problem.

Our generation surrounds themselves with gangs or “tough” people to show their status and how they represent themselves. We have created a mindset that using slang, throwing up gang signs, and using violence is a better thing to show everyone to not mess with them. They surround themselves with these acts and ruin any chance to have a better life and create a better environment for their families and future families.

How can we help our younger generation to stop this train of thought and solve things normally? Any person that a child surrounds themselves with is able to teach and educate these kids on the better good and ruin their life because of one mistake.  The actions you make will forever make out the person you are, even if you didn’t mean to make that choice you have created a bad reputation for your family and your name. Become the bigger person and stop the fight verbally and not physically.