Opinion on a CNN opinion article

Andre Ortiz , Staff Writer

An opinion article by Scott Galloway about the state of the mental condition of the average young male in the current state of the world and his opinion on the definition of masculinity. He also states the number of problems that young men face when it comes to failure and how they are more at risk of falling for conspiracy theories or radical ideas due to the nature of toxic masculinity.

Another point brought up is the lack of things to latch onto which causes young men to drift towards self-destructive ideas. Since church-going is less popular, and if you don’t go to school have a job, or any other commitments you might feel unfulfilled in life and pursue other means of self-validation. It also brings up statistics about men that show that they have a higher chance of having depression due to the stats that show college dropout rates and suicide.

This article shows that research was made to provide evidence to prove the points. Yet, it only brings up three things to try and ¨help¨ men. Towards the end of the article, it shows that there might be some apathy towards treatment.