Her Time to Lead conference

Christina Nery, Staff Writer

Hunter High was recently chosen to have a “Her Time to Lead” conference.  The conference was on March 28th and many female students signed up and attended. During the conference, they had workshop sessions and exercises for the young women who attended.

A student who attended, Jade Figueroa Barbosa, was asked to share how she felt about and experienced the conference.

According to the Larry H. Miller Website, “Her Time to Lead” is “an educational seminar aimed at inspiring and developing the next generation of female leaders. The forum includ[es] workshop sessions and exercises designed to encourage young women to use their voices, overcome adversity, and advance as leaders in society.” The experience at the Her Time to Lead even was extremely inspiring and uplifting. All of the speakers, both the keynote presenter and the panelists, touched on topics that are relatable to everyday life and gave amazing advice for the young women in attendance to follow. The whole event was engaging, making it feel comfortable and like a community.
Jade Figueroa Barbosa