How many weeks of school left

Christina Nery, Staff Writer

If you count the school weeks on the calendar it’s eight more school weeks left until school is out for the summer. There are forty days left, not counting March 31 [today] or Spring Break. Many teachers and students have been saying seven weeks left. But after recounting the weeks on the calendar several times to double-check, it brought up a question, how did someone count seven weeks instead of eight? We have forty days left and there are five school days in a normal week. Forty divided by five is eight. Simple math, but, that still doesn’t answer how someone counted seven, so, how did someone get seven?

Simply they could have miscounted or they didn’t count the last week of school because not too many students bother going to school for the last week. That last week there is a holiday Monday, a B-day Tuesday, an A-day Wednesday, and Graduation is Thursday. Often students don’t go because there is no new work being assigned so many people see it as useless going to school. Many teachers bring their students some kind of treat and will play movies for the last couple of days while others give their students something to do related to the class just to keep them occupied and working. Because of that, no one is counting the last week so that’s how they are getting seven weeks. In reality, it’s eight because that last week is still considered a school week because classes are held two days that week.

Anyway with forty more school days left work hard and turn in your work to end the school year strong. Here’s the link to the Hunter calendar for those of you who want to see it.