Cultural losses

Selina Malu, Opinion Editor

Here in the great United States of America, as born citizens, we tend to forget about our own family culture instead of the American culture. We are quick to remember tik-tok dances but slow to learn our native tongue. Cultures are slowly going away because grandkids aren’t willing to ask and learn from grandparents. We might say we are foreign, but do we really know about our foreign lands.

As a Tongan here in the United States I am surrounded by many. I learn from other cultures and teachings and bring these into my own home. What I am taught is not things I learned from just my culture, it’s from many. It is not bad that I am learning from other cultures because it gives me a chance to open my eyes and see the bigger picture.

At the same time, our own native cultures are fading away because kids don’t want to learn about their culture. As to see this a big problem in the U.S. we can try to teach the younger generation of our culture and learn our native tongues. Teach them the importance of knowing and keeping our cultures alive and thriving.