The “Dance in Concert”

Tausinga Makaafi, Staff Writer

Starting March 30 and going through April 1, there’s a dance concert “DANCE IN CONCERT” in the auditorium. From what I can tell, there are seven members of the Dance Company, one boy and six girls. I can’t really tell because I am not really close to them and I don’t know their names. If there are more members, I apologize, but on the Hunter High website, I find no information. I want to explain more about the dance concert thing. I also have little to no information on the dance teachers, and I apologize for not finding them to interview.

There are two dance teachers, Kelley Allred and Ayasha Jonas. Kelley Allred is the Dance Company Advisor.  I am relying on a poster for my information, and I will say that I am confident that Dance Company has talented dancers [from the poster I saw multiple photos of what appears to be seven members] as I mentioned before. I want to attend, but I don’t really have anyone to take me as a freshman and I don’t drive, so that’s a bummer. I am confident Dance Company is very good at dancing, but I wish that I could see the concert with my own eyes.