Spirit Week

Selina Malu, Tausinga Makaafi, Tyler Huynh, Staff Writers

Hunter High s celebrating our annual Spirit Week where all four graduating years at Hunter compete against each other to see who has the most school spirit. We journalists went around the school looking at all the different decorations the years had made this 2021-2022 school year.

This year our theme is basically hero vs. villain. The graduating class years are broken down as: 2025’s are Wanda and Agatha, 2024’s are Thor and Loki, 2023’s are Spiderman and Venom and the 2022’s are Batman and Joker. During this week, the competing years will be able to have dress-up theme days and find the spirit stick to determine who will win this year’s Spirit Week. Monday [March 14, 2022] is themed Witches and Wizards, Tuesday [March 15, 2022] is bring anything but a backpack, Wednesday [March 16, 2022] is dress like a teacher, and Thursday [March 17, 2022] is hero vs. villain. Good Luck to all the students this Friday at the Spirit Games.