A teacher shortage

Selina Malu, Staff Writer

In the beautiful city of West Valley City and neighboring cities, the rates of teachers’ percentages rate in schools have grown to be pretty big. It doesn’t help that there are students that skip class to be with their friends. More and more teachers are becoming stressed out because of the shortages going on. They are throwing in the towel because of these past school years; exhausted and restless because of the pandemic. School districts have turned to asking local businesses for their employees and parents to help out in their classrooms. Others have turned to each other to help out their colleagues’ classes. Granite School District has offered many bonuses [extra pay] to teachers to take on another class to substitute. That being said, teachers have suffered more than we students can imagine. They are working hard in not just their own separate classes, but in other colleagues’ classes helping students learn their lessons; adding rowdy students in the classroom isn’t going to do anything better.