Going to a community college is not that hard

Selina Malu, Writer

After having a great talk with Ms. Moore, Hunter’s college advisor, there were a lot of things that I did not know that I could have known if I talked to a college adviser earlier in my high school years. Students, we should normalize talking and asking questions about college. Even though we are hard-headed about going to college because of the “major” stress we will experience while being in college.

But guess what? There are scholarships that make things financially easy for you there are things to sign up on that make things way easier. At Salt Lake Community College there is a scholarship called the “SLCC Promise Scholarship” that helps eligible students by paying for their tuition and their fees. You can get a full-ride scholarship just for being eligible from FAFSA. If you do not know what FAFSA is, it is short forĀ  Free Application for Federal Student Aid. It is a form that you fill out that can determine your eligibility for student financial aid.

You can get a full-ride scholarship at SLCC just for applying to both the SLCC Promise Scholarship and the FAFSA form. And the best part is that you can get money out of it. FAFSA can give up to 6,495 dollars for that year. While SLCC’s cost is around $4,000 at most for both your tuition and your fees; you get to keep the remaining money [for yourself] after your tuition and fees are paid. You can get money just for going to school and signing up for this FAFSA application. So going to a community college really isn’t that hard, you just need to sign up for scholarships and for FAFSA and go to class. Easy like counting 1,2,3. If you have any questions you can set up a meeting with Ms. Moore in the counseling office or you can email her at [email protected].