Why have Russia and Ukraine gone into war

Andre Ortiz, Staff Writer

The Ukraine-Russian war has been going on since February 24, 2022, and it was reported there had been 644 casualties, 465 civilians killed, at least 177 UAF, NGU, and volunteer forces killed with 3500 Russian armed forces killed.

The war has been caused by Russia’s distrust of NATO and the fear of western weapons and military being on the border of their country if Ukraine joins NATO. Russia demanded that Ukraine be forbidden from joining NATO while Ukraine is still an independent nation. NATO cannot intervene in the affairs between the two nations.

But nations have sent supplies to Ukraine in the form of weapons, military equipment as well as sanctioning Russia. This does not seem to be stopping the Russian push into Ukraine as they continue to shell the country.

Update: as of March 4, 2022 the new Russian casualties are 9166 troops, 33 planes, 25 tanks, 939 light armored combat vehicles, 105 artillery pieces, 37 helicopters, 2 light speedboats and 3 uavĀ“s.


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