End of the school year coming up

Rigel Yam, Staff Writer

It’s almost the end of the school year people. It’ll come faster than you expect especially for the seniors. Seniors, make sure you guys are on track to graduate. Whether that’s having all the credits you need, having that 2.0 CPA required to walk at graduation, or even just basing the Civics test; make sure you have everything done so that you can graduate and walk that stage to get that diploma.

I myself personally plan on graduating early because I have everything in order. Just a couple more English credits and I will be graduating early. I fell far behind from freshman year, not going to class, not doing work, and hanging with the wrong crowd. Things like that can really drag you down and affect you in the long run. I luckily made it up and caught up to my mistakes and fixed them. If I was able to then you are able to do it as well.

Do packets if you have to, talk to your counselor about CPA recovery, try to do everything you can to make sure you walk that stage. Juniors and lower, make sure you have all of your things in order as well because I promise you that it will come back and hit you hard your senior year.