My last article

Shienne Alanis , Staff Writer

As the last of this semester comes to an end, so does others’ journey with the school, including me. This will be my last story for the Hunter Blueprint as I’ll be graduating early from Hunter High. For that, I’m happy that I’ll be done with one of my goals/accomplishments in life, that of graduating high school. It’s also sad since I won’t be able to have this experience again. When hearing the bell ring for the beginning or end of class or meeting strangers at school and becoming friends with them and having good memories is sad.

I’ll especially be saddened at the thought of the teachers I won’t be able to see again because some of the teachers I’ve had left a big mark on my heart since they really changed and formed me with their teaching. They gave me experiences I’ve never had and really helped when I needed them. Especially with the teachers here at Hunter High. I hadn’t had teachers like these ones who actually cared and wanted to help you have fun with school, to make school for you a good experience. Ever since I got here my sophomore year I’ve had some of the best teachers anyone could ask for. There are always a few of the teachers I’ve had at school that just really made a difference to me and other students. So I’m here to say thank you to the teachers here at Hunter High who really made a big mark for every student here and to keep going and working hard. I appreciate and am thankful for having had these opportunities with Hunter and their teachers.

Since this is my last article I wanted to give a shout-out to the teachers here that I’ve had the privilege of getting taught by. The first teacher I’d like to thank is Ms. T. aka Ms. Taub. She was one of the best teachers I’ve ever had and it’s going to be sad to not hear her call me one of her chicken nuggets anymore and how she tells me and the class about how proud she is of us and is always making our bad days better with her big fun personality. She’s one of the few teachers that had made me have fun at school and want to come just to go to her class. Then there’s Mr. Schoon and Mr. Frampton, the two art/ceramics teachers who made class fun by just being themselves and actually engaging with the class. Then lastly I’d like to thank Ms. Waldburger who gave me this opportunity to be able to write what I’d like and encouraged me to keep going and let me get my creativity flowing. And I’d also like to thank my counselor Mr. Bobbermin who helped me whenever I needed it. Then our attendance secretary, Mrs. Bauer who I had the pleasure of being her office aide, I wish to thank her for being fun and amazing.

Now as much as it’s sad to say goodbye to Hunter High School, and as much as I like Hunter, I won’t miss having to wake up early to get to school anymore.