COVID-19 vs Hunter High

Shienne Alanis, Staff Writer

With upcoming news about Hunter High, last week Hunter received an announcement last Friday during the last period. It was about how the school is having to wear mandatory masks until February 7, leaving many distraught and others wondering if they are gonna make it permanent because of all the upcoming new cases that are now rising.

Will the school be doing more precautions now? Will Hunter High have to wear masks for the rest of the year and do regular testing to stay? Since it has been said that Hunter High will not be going back to online/virtual, leaving Hunter to test to stay in school instead of closing it as they did before. It was suggested that students should register for the test to stay; it is found on the Hunter High website (

If by any chance they need to do a school-wide test they can do it immediately instead of having to wait. With all this going on people are hoping for virtual Fridays to come back to help both the students and teachers and anyone else involved at Hunter High.