School dances in general

Tausinga Makaafi, Staff Writer

Some people like dancing while others wouldn’t like to dance because they’re too nervous to dance. While some are confident in their ability to dance, and others went because their friend wanted to, and some just came for the free food and drinks, or some just came to have fun and party, there are so many reasons why people came to a school dance. There are some negative and positive things about school dances and here are some of them.

One of the things that are genuinely awesome at school parties is, of course hanging out with friends. Another is you could have some fun at a school dance if you are actually into it. You could meet new people, get to know them, and could hang out more. Most of these reasons are just a few of them there could be many more positive things about a party. But of course, when there are positive things, there are always negative things, these are a few of them.

Anything could go wrong when at a school dance and by anything, I mean anything. Like there could be a school fight happening there, or probably a petty fight between who dances with who. Or if a kid hates school and is forced to go, then they are at school longer than they want to. A kid could be humiliated at the dance for no reason, or probably he has a hot date?  These are some reasons why a school dance could be a negative experience. These could be a few reasons how and why there is positive and negative stuff about a school dance.

These are a few reasons for the good and bad of a school dance and how it could be for a few kids. I really don’t care about school dances, it’s just a waste of time to me. Sure some people would disagree but it’s their opinion. But there are reasons why some like to go. I wouldn’t like to go; it would be a waste of time.