Hunter High going back to virtual learning maybe

Shienne Alanis, Staff Writer

During the Christmas break and New Year’s Eve it has been reported that there were more cases of COVID-19 than usual due to the holidays. Many are being warned and continuously asked to remember to try to keep the precautions up of having limited gatherings so that they can protect themselves and others during this time.

Nevertheless many didn’t listen during the holiday, leaving us to break another record in the USA of having over 580,000+ cases in a single day. Which made many worried and wonder if we’ll be having to go back to how we were before. Especially now since currently some schools in the USA are going back into online learning due to all the uprising cases and also because of the new COVID-19 Variant, Omicron. Does this mean that more schools will be going back into online learning now? Including ours? Will our school be putting up more precautions again? Like the virtual Fridays, mandating masks or even the vaccine, or Sanitizing before and after leaving to a new class. Or will our school continue as normal.