Are video games bad for your health

Tausinga Makaafi, Staff Writer

Many people agree that video games are bad for your health, like staying up till morning or doing nothing to improve your grades. How could your sleep schedule be affected, like staying up very late, later on, sleeping early in the morning, or at midnight? But there are some positive things about video games like actually enjoying them and playing with your loved ones, or just genuinely enjoying playing games. There are a lot of negative and positive, things about video games, so, of course, it comes with consequences.

One of the positive things about video games is that they can provide a fun and social form of entertainment. It could encourage teamwork and cooperation when playing with other people. Some games could even teach you words that you didn’t even know about it until they spoke them. Some games wouldn’t even be about violence, it could just show you how beautiful it could be without violence being included. These are some of the positive things, about games, but when there are positive views, there are always negative views; here are some of them.

There are all sorts of negative things about video games like there are all sorts of positive things about video games. One of them is that it could strongly encourage kids to curse a lot. Some could be addicted to it, as to how I said in the beginning paragraph, it could make people stay up. Or it could greatly affect your GPA and CPA. There are many more reasons as to how it has its negative and positive sides to video games.

These are the many reasons as to how it could affect everything. Personally, I really like playing video games because they could so much fun and entertaining. There are more reasons from both sides that it could take a long time. Again, I personally don’t see anything wrong with video games.