BTS Permission to Dance On Stage concert

Alexa Zoleto, Staff Writer

Back at the beginning of 2021 BTS [also known as the Bangtan Boys a South Korean boy band] announced they would be having 4 concert dates in LA Inglewood at the SiFi stadium. The fandom was very excited to be seeing BTS again after 2 years of not performing because of the pandemic. The show dates were announced for November 27 and 28, December 1 and 2; many fans were hoping they would be able to reach the concert and praying the pandemic wouldn’t start rising again.

Now the real battle would begin as fans tried their best to get tickets when they were released. They went in a certain order because of the last concert that was supposed to happen but Covid began taking over during that time and then canceled leaving the people who bought tickets to that concert heartbroken. Those people were given a chance to access the tickets first before opening them up to everyone and because there were so many people tickets sold out before opening up to the rest of the public.

Finally, the day arrived where everyone all over the world prepared to head over to LA, I was one of the very lucky people that got to go and the experience was unforgettable. One thing that was trending everywhere was the merchandise lines that were so very very long that people would wait over 4 hours to finally get what they wanted and let me say by the end of all 4 dates the merchandise was sold out. When getting there it was already full of life as fans (including me) explored all the free goodies fans could get.