Truck drivers 110 year sentence reduced to 10 years

Shienne Alanis , Staff Writer

This tragic story begins with a 26-year-old truck driver, Rogel Aguilera-Mederos. The story starts as a normal day at work with Mederos or so he thought would be a normal day. It wasn’t until later that he noticed that his brakes failed while going downhill on interstate 70 eastbound outside of Denver. This caused a chain reaction of a crash. This resulted in having a fire started with 28 vehicles and leaving 4 people dead. Because of this accident, Mederos was then charged 110 years in prison for this particular accident.

Many went on social media to discuss their opinion and the charge for years. Many pleaded that it was an injustice to him as it wasn’t his fault his breaks failed and it was a terrible accident. As the other side of this case said it was right because it’s his fault those 4 people died. Even many truck drivers stopped their trucks and protested against the case saying they stand with Mederos as it is in fact injustice that he got charged with those 110 years. Making this case blow up on social media.

Due to all the attention, Colorado Governor reduced Mederos 110 years that he was charged to now 10 years only as they said the accident was a “tragic but unintentional accident.” Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and loved ones affected by this horrible accident and may the 4 victims, Doyle Harrison who was 61, William Bailey who was 67, Stanley Politano who was 69, and Miguel Lamas Arrellano who was 24, all rest in Peace.