Women isolates herself in plane bathroom

Shienne Alanis, Staff Writer

News brief. A woman isolated herself in the plane bathroom after testing positive on her 5-hour flight. Marisa Fotieo told news about how in the mid-flight of her trip she had started to feel a bit sick so she grabbed one of her rapid testing kits for COVID-19 and she said within minutes she had seen that she had tested positive for it in the middle of her flight. She then decided to isolate herself in the cramped airplane bathroom to make sure she didn’t get anyone else in her plane that was riding with her to get COVID-19, As there were hundreds of people on the plane.

With the help of a flight attendant, Ragnhildur “Rocky” Eiriksdottir. Fotieo had said that Rocky had been such good help from making sure she had everything she needed from food, drinks, and checking up on her regularly. After that Fotieo was then taken to a hotel to be isolated again while she gets better.