Vision and hearing screenings

Pyper Fowles, Staff Writer

Every year Hunter High School does a vision screening. And every year students complain saying ¨I had to do this last year why am I doing it again¨ and ¨why do we even do this?¨ The answer is simple, it’s important. Vision screening detect if you are having any issues with your vision or if you have developed issues with your vision. Doing a vision screening is the first step to meeting an ophthalmologist also known as an eye doctor. They know what´s best for all of your eye and vision care needs. And maybe you’ll walk out with a ticket to get a new pair of stylish glasses.

The same thing applies to hearing screenings. We also do these hearing screenings at Hunter. We do hearing screenings to test if you have any hearing loss or damage. Younger children do it to prevent any problems with communication, learning, and development. The Utah Health Department calls for all kindergarten, first, second, and third graders to do hearing screenings annually those 4 years. Then they want children to do one in seventh and eleventh grade. As you grow older you can talk to your doctor about a request to have a hearing or vision screening done. So next time you complain about vision and hearing screenings think about why you’re doing it.


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