Multicultural Assembly

Selina Malu, Staff Writer

At the start of the Multicultural Assembly, many of the students at Hunter High school gathered together in the main gymnasium to celebrate their cultures in unity. Many of them sacrificed their time and efforts to participate in dances that were a big part of their own cultures. Of those many cultures, there was one group representing the people of Samoa.

Fa’aosoiletaua Lopati stated that because it was her senior year she wanted to go out with a “big bang” and create many memories as it leads up to graduation day. When doing the Siva Samoa she wanted to represent her Samoan culture and her family. The song they danced to was “Tupulaga” in the Samoan language it means generations. The song talks about the many generations coming up and many more in the future. For most of the Samoan group, it was great to see their love for not only their culture but their family. Fa’aosoiletaua Lopati, Leilani Manna Polataivao, Mele Vaiolingi Tauteoli, and the others had talked about how they adored their family and represented them whilst dancing. As people watched the many dances that occurred at the assembly it seemed like everyone danced to represent something in their life. Let’s congratulate everyone that performed because it took a lot of time and patience to do these dances and even singing.

Congratulations to every single group who performed in the Multicultural Assembly.