Oxford School shooting

Shienne Alanis , Staff Writer

Last week a new tragedy hit when on average Tuesday morning shots were fired at Oxford High School. Leaving 4 dead and several people injured. But the suspected shooter, who just hours before the shooting was already at the school due to a meeting about his behavior with his parents, didn’t get the help he needed fast enough. It is rumored that he had been bullied at the school and even had at one point said he would shoot up the school, but no one helped nor said anything beforehand. Leaving him to grab the pistol that his father had just bought only a few days ago to go shoot up his school.

The suspect is currently being unnamed in case of the possibility that he gets the attention he wants from this and is currently being charged as an adult under multiple charges, including first-degree murder and terrorism. And according to the Detroit Free Press, it is said that the parents of the shooter will be charged as well with involuntary manslaughter. To add on it’s said that the attack was planned as the night before the shooting he was on multiple phone calls talking in detail about shooting up the school and to the police surprise, they had also found a notebook of his, talking about his desire to shoot up his school. Leaving a heartbreaking story to us to read. There had been many videos of that day from the students who were in that school. There is one video in particular where the suspect was trying to trick the students that were in a locked room due to the lockdown to open the door to let him in saying he was a cop and that it was okay. But one person said they didn’t feel comfortable enough yet to let him, leaving the suspect to get irritated and slip out a “bro” letting the kids know it wasn’t a cop, and go run out of the window in the classroom.

We all give our thoughts and prayers out to those lost in the tragedy and those affected by it. Rest in peace, Madisyn Baldwin who was 17, Tate Myre who was 16, Justin Shilling who was 17, and Hana St.Juliana who was 14. May they rest their souls.