How well is Hunter High handling Covid

Lilie Sanchez, Staff Writer

Here at Hunter High school, we want to make sure everyone is safe and doing their part to keep others and themselves safe from this global pandemic.

The answer to this is depending on the student or teacher of course. In my honest opinion as a student here at Hunter High, the school should be sure of 2 things. One is that either every student comes to school vaccinated or Two, to make sure that students that aren’t vaccinated that come to school should always wear a mask for their own safety and for the safety of others. I understand why some students and teachers don’t wear their masks because the state law here in Utah to wear masks was uplifted back in April earlier this year “only” if you are vaccinated, the people who aren’t vaccinated are still recommended to still wear masks.

I understand that there are students that won’t wear masks because they are vaccinated, but I would still recommend wearing masks because you still have a chance to get covid having the vaccine or not. The same goes for teachers too. This is to spread awareness of the virus because it’s still something we should still keep in mind and be considerate about to everyone around us and ourselves.

Overall, I [Lilie Sanchez] personally think that the school is doing its best to keep everyone safe. A way to spread this awareness is for teachers to wear masks and ask students to wear masks, to show students that they should wear masks for their own safety. If they see a teacher do it, they will probably do it too.