Social media gone too far for Hunter High students

Alexa Zoleto, Sydnie Archer, Staff Writers

Social media platforms can have a very big influence on teens all around the world including our school. During September, Hunter High was one of the many schools that were vandalized due to a dangerous trend on social media called “devious licks” that many students of  Hunter High suffered for. Some staff in the school were interviewed to talk about how big it affected Hunter and what they did to stop all of the incidents happening in our school.

One of the first people interviewed was Hunter High’s principal, Ryan Oaks. One important question was “why was there a lack of soap in the bathrooms?”  He responded ” During September there was a really stupid TikTok challenge going around all the schools throughout the US to vandalize and take things from the school, our soap dispensers were an easy target on that” he then goes on to talk more about the situation now and how the students were made to pay for it. “Toward the end of September, we ran out of soap in a couple of days time period we were hit really hard one after the other- we took other measures as well we took some doors off  of some of the boy’s restrooms to reduce the amount of privacy.”  Before the shortage of soap, the staff at Hunter High were trying their best in trying to refill the empty dispensers as quickly as possible until the shortage finally hit.

One teacher at Hunter High, Ms. Spencer, was a big help in giving students the chance to wash their hands by making her own soap to put in the bathrooms. When why she would do that, this was her response, “Because I  can’t use the restroom without washing my hands, and I saw the kids in there and I felt bad.” She has also put signs up on bathrooms stalls that had no more toilet paper in them. Ms. Spencer is always doing her best for the students of Hunter High as well as the custodians who every day keep the bathrooms and rest of the school clean. Social media has gone too far with trends that involve people doing dangerous things just for their five minutes of fame. It’s not worth it and will only cause more trouble for yourself and others around you. Let’s all do our best in keeping the school safe and clean.