The Addams Family the musical

Pyper Fowles, Staff Writer

It´s that time of year again, it´s the musical season! Everyone has heard of the wacky goofy family that embraced the darkness known as the Addams family. Wednesday is now eight-teen has met a boy named Lucas. Max Smith lead actor playing Gomez Addams says ¨its story about the most important parts of life” as the two families face conflicts as they come together.

The cast and directors have been working effortlessly going all out this year. This month they started their 7 P.M. rehearsals and starting Monday, November 8th they’ll be adding for the first pit orchestra since 2019. We spoke with Instrumental music director Josh Miller about his contribution to the musical. He´s said ¨It all depends on what they need with stage crew and sound. But I mostly direct the pit orchestra.¨ We also spoke with Choir Director Jill Hixson about how she contributes to the musical. She gave us a basic rundown about how she sits through auditions with Director Kjersti Parkes and listens for pitch, tone quality, and projection. She said ¨no this not choir but my passion is also musical theatre, I enjoy working with the cast in my room, and I look forward to putting on a great show!” 

Other contributors like FACS Teacher Jennifer Cossman sewed all of the costumes; and choreographers Kelly Allred and Aysha Jonas who choreographed musical and taught the cast the choreography. The Addams Family is a musical comedy that everyone will enjoy with Kjersti Parkes saying “everyone is welcome to come, and you’re going to love it!” You can watch the Addams Family November 18th, 19th, 20th, and 22nd and you can buy your tickets on the HHS theatre website for six to eight dollars. We hope to see you there.