Does the school feed us enough at lunch

Nancy Silva Stockseth, Staff Writer

High schools are required to feed their students every school day. It’s very important for us to eat during the day so our bodies can refuel and we can learn a lot better. Schools strive for their students to be healthy. In order for this to happen, they feed their students nutritious foods. At least one-third of students’ nutrition should come from school. For school lunch, the school cafeteria needs to offer more fruit, vegetables, and whole grains and limit sodium, calories, and unhealthy fat in every meal. So no matter what, they serve healthy foods.

Even though the food is supposed to be healthy, is it still enough to fill up students? When asked, students at Hunter High gave answers; the students said no. They all agree that the school lunches are not enough to fill them up completely and how the food isn’t even that good. Students are still hungry after lunch. The rule that we are all familiar with is no seconds. We aren’t allowed to go back into the line. Students do enjoy the variety of foods at lunch though. Different choices are good and it’s extremely appreciated by the students.

It will most likely not make a change but at least it’s talked about and the people who read this article are now aware of it. Another article, “What Students are Saying about Improving School Lunch” (source: The New York Times ) reads, “More kids will take the time to go through the lunch line and less food will get thrown out at the end of the day.” This is talking about longer lunch periods. How the time we have already is not enough. How the lunchroom is always crowded, too crowded for students to get their lunch, eat, and do other things the lunch periods offer and allow students to do. If lunch was longer then more students would eat and less food would be wasted but actually eaten.