Hunter High’s tardy problem

Ramon Fonseca , Staff Writer

Since the beginning of the year, Hunter High’s administration has been encouraging students to be on time. Tardies are a big problem this year. The other big problem is we aren’t really talking about is our crowded hallways. It would be easy to get from point A to point B if the hallways weren’t as crowded. After class, we have five minutes to get to our next class. Five minutes sounds like the perfect amount of time, right? I agree only if the hallways weren’t as crowded. It’s impossible to get a snack or go to the bathroom without barely making it to class. Some teachers don’t care if you’re late by a few minutes but others are really strict about it. 

Five minutes isn’t really enough in this large school. Two ideas that can solve the crowded hallways situation are as follows. Idea #1, raising the passing time from five minutes to ten minutes. This would allow you to get to class on time with plenty of time left. This won’t really solve the crowded halls but it would reduce the number of tardies that students get. The con about this idea is that we have to adjust our current schedule. We have to make the classes shorter or stay in school longer. Overall this idea is really about reducing the tardy numbers, not solving the problem with our halls. Idea #2, letting the students out earlier. We already have this, but recently administration is telling the teachers to keep their students in class until the bell rings. Last year when COVID was a big deal, some teachers would let students out early as soon as the ten-minute bell rang. That really helped reduce the number of students in the halls. It made the halls feel free and open. Many don’t know why they stopped doing it this year. COVID is still around so that gives good reason to still let students out early. Overall this would help reduce the large number of students in the halls and reduce the tardies.