Brian Laundrie found

Shienne Alanis , Staff Writer

After a few months of chasing and searching for Brian Laundrie after the death of Gabby Petito, his girlfriend; the chase has come to an end but in a quite suspicious way. On a Wednesday morning in Florida’s Carlton Reserve after weeks of checking and searching in that park, no one was able to find him after needing him for questioning after discovering Gabby Petito.

And since that was the last place he was known to be. The police and search crew started searching the area to not find anything for weeks. That was until Brian’s parents, who had never helped with the search before, came in that morning to find the exact spot of Laundrie’s deceased body. According to police the place where his body was discovered was originally underwater but has since dried out; supposedly leaving it out in the open for his parents to find the body and his belongings. Even more suspicious is that they reported him missing 4 days after he never came home from his hike that day, now blaming police saying that they reported him the day of his hike. Police have no information and many are pretty sure police wouldn’t have gotten that wrong or investigators, since that is their job on the line.

Even with Laundrie found nothing more has moved up with the case of what happened with either of them; this leaving them to only predict if Laundrie had killed himself out of guilt, was murdered, attacked by wild animals, or even died of natural causes. But till we can get more information all we can do currently is predict what happened. There was even a point, wherein the search of Brain, someone caught a video of Laundries’ parents watering their “garden” to end up seeing a hand from the garden reaching for his mother till the video ended, thus leaving people to suspect that that hand belonged to Laundrie and they were hiding him.