Mikey Williams

Selina Malu, Writer

Who is Mikey Williams? He is a 17-year-old boy from San Diego, California. He is an American high school basketball player for the Lake Norman Christian School in Huntersville, North Carolina. Mikey plays two positions in basketball and that is shooting guard and point guard. A shooting guard is a player whose main goal is to score points. A point guard is a player who facilitates points for their team. They are the ones to make plays happen by passing the ball to the right person. Mikey has been playing basketball since he was very young. His first dunk game was in the 6th grade when he played for the San Diego Sharks. In his 7th and 8th grade year Mikey was placed as the number one basketball player in the 2023 class from the Naismith National Youth All-American Report. Also in 8th grade, he joined the North Coast Blue Chips which was an amateur athletic union basketball team. On that team, he was then noticed playing aside Bronny James, son of Lakers player LeBron James. In Mikey’s freshman year he played for San Ysidro School in his hometown San Diego. While being at San Ysidro he made many plays possible and scored many points.

Last year Mikey played for Lake Norman Christian school where he grew rapidly and continued his game in North Carolina. In those 2 years, he has played 37 games, scoring 28.7 points per game, assisting 4.3 per game, making 5.8 rebounds every game, stealing 1.4 per game, and having 0.2 blocks every game. While basketball hasn’t started for his junior year we know without a doubt that he will make this year count as many colleges are already setting their eyes on him.

Students at Hunter High are wondering who is Mikey Williams and what does. No one even knew that Mikey was very good-looking or where he came from, giving off the conclusion that most people don’t really know about upcoming NBA stars or any on-the-rise sports stars. People only know celebrities and sports stars because of all the things we surround ourselves with like social media, movies, tv-shows, books, magazines, etc. Not everyone knows how people started their fame and how they got themselves to grow out and share their faces and talents with the world. Rebecca J. Rosen an editor of   “The Atlantic” reported that a man by the name of Samuel Arbesman is a mathematician who came up with a way to discover the amount or percentage of the population. When finding the percentage he came up with 0.0086% which means that there are not that many celebrities in the world.