Aaron Lowe

Shienne Alanis , Writer

In a sad story there can only be justice at the end of it. I’m talking about the story of Aaron Lowe, a football player, a son, a loved one. A few weeks ago Aaron Lowe had decided to go to a party and have fun as any young adult would, especially after winning another game with his team, only to have it end badly after an argument. The sad story started on September 26 near Sugarhouse where a party was taking place that Aaron had been attending. As the story goes, it was said that the suspect Buk Mawut Buk and a few others had been uninvited at the party where Aaron was, and there had been a lot of fighting beforehand leading up to the shooting. With even a call to police for a noise complaint and another call about a fight that included weapons, there was still no arrest resulting after those calls. That was until Aaron had started to get into an argument with one of the uninvited men, Buk Mawut Buk, about moving some cars out of the way.

A witness caught on video and recorded the fighting that showed how Buk Mawut Buk who was across the street, grabbed a gun then proceeded to start firing at multiple people including Aaron and the witness Pomale. She was trying to call down the fighting but ended up being in critical condition, while Aaron was confirmed dead at the scene after the shooting. At the end of the video it showed that after the first few shoots Buk Mawut Buk had gone to them to “finish” them. Now he is charged  with aggravated murder, attempted aggravated murder, possession of firearm by a  restricted person, and obstruction of justice. And of as now, the prosecutors will be making a decision about the death penalty after the case’s preliminary hearing.

But at the end of the day no one will be able to forget the star we lost that day, twenty-one years old and a cornerback. Oregon State over the weekend of October 23 honored both Aaron Lowe and Ty Jordan, as they aren’t here with us anymore. With justice being served we give our thoughts and prayers to Aaron Lowe, his family, friends, Pomale, and everyone else who was affected by this terrible accident.