Rules on hats and hoods

Nancy Silva Stockseth, Staff Writer

Many schools in America do not allow hats and hoods inside the school building. The reason being they needed to see your face for identification purposes. But now at Hunter High School, they decided to change that rule. They decided to allow students to wear hats and hoods in school. Now looking at students at Hunter High, they seem happier with this change.

In an article, Opinion: Hats should be allowed in school, talks about how hats are simply hats and don’t affect us. In the article it reads, “Wearing hats in school does not affect a students learning ability, and therefore does not put students at a disadvantage.” I think that is an important part because in my opinion, it’s right and I agree with it. Even students at Hunter High have said, “I feel happier”, “I can now be myself”, and even “ I’m comfier.” There is so much more positive attitude. And to a lot of people that’s very important. Even teachers admit that it was a hard adjustment at first but now they are all pretty much used to it. Even they see the happiness going around. So yes, an opinionated topic, but the majority of students agree that hats and hoods are okay to be on at school.