Working while going to school

Rigel Yam, Staff Writer

Did you work while you were in high school? If you’re in high school now, do you work while going to school? Working while going to school  is a very debatable topic. Some people may say that it’s fine for kids to work while going to school and that there’s nothing wrong with it, others may say that it’s not fair to the kids and while in school they shouldn’t work. I personally am working while going to school and to be honest it’s really not that bad. In my opinion it has taught me how to be more responsible and just more self aware.

I have other friends who work while going to school as well; I also have friends who don’t work while going to school. When I talked to the ones that didn’t work while going to school, I asked them how come they don’t work. I got almost the same reply every time, extracurricular activities after school. Sports like football and soccer just take up too much time in their schedules and they aren’t able to work. In that case I get why they can’t work because they don’t have the time to go out and do so, but at least they’re out doing something that they enjoy doing.

Some of the people I asked why they didn’t work answered with just a simple “I don’t feel like working.” That to me doesn’t make sense because if you have the time after school to make some extra money, even if it’s part time as it doesn’t have to be 40 hours a week, then you should go out and do it. Some teenagers just don’t want to work fast food or retail, but there are more jobs out there that hire teenagers that don’t fall into those categories. Some of those jobs even pay more than what you might expect.

If you don’t work while going to school and have time to go to work and make some extra money, I highly encourage you to. Working a job could teach a few key things along with more responsibility. Take me for example as I had said that I’m working right now. I have been working for a year and a half, and since then I have moved up from entry level to a supervisor level with a pretty great pay increase. If I hadn’t been working I would have never made it to the supervisor position and earn as much as I do. I also wouldn’t have money to go out and do things that I enjoy. To give you another example to a point I made earlier, entry level pay at my job is $18 an hour and it’s not retail or fast food. How do you feel about kids working while going to school, are you for or against?