Biggest snow storm yet, historical COVID-19 deaths, and a drought

Haelei VanGend, Staff Writer

Current Utah news is all over the place and there is a lot going on. Here to give you a quick rundown on a few that seem to be the most important. One of the biggest news in Utah is the changing weather. We are currently getting out of a week-long rain storm, only to be entering another one. Snow is coming our way and it is coming fast. Near places such as Cache Valley, Park City, and Logan to name a few, have been hit hard by this snow storm. The snow is not slowing down, only moving closer and closer to us here in WVC. Schools, roads, and work have been shut down in areas hit hard enough and we should be preparing for the same. This will be the first snowfall of the year, and it is expected to be a big one. From what I have heard this snow can hit as early as next Thursday so everyone be prepared. The next thing being talked about is COVID-19 numbers and deaths. 

Next is a topic that many want to avoid these days, yet it is something still going on. Here in Utah the COVID-19 deaths have skyrocketed. As of this Monday October 11, 2021, 3,025 people have died due to COVID-19 or something related to it. This is a tragic milestone that we have reached, and something we never thought we would reach. Hospitals are again reaching max capacity, and all the health board is currently asking is that we get vaccinated and continue to wear masks when possible. 

The last concern is the beloved Great Salt Lake. Currently it is at an all time low and is falling apart due to historic drought and climate change. This drought may soon affect skiing, and even water supply to Utah citizens. The lake is almost constantly drying, and as of right now we are not completely sure how this year’s snowfall will impact this. As we have had a very dry year, maybe a big storm, and all this rain, would be for the best. 

This was just a quick rundown on Utah’s weather, COVID-19 cases, and Utah’s seemingly biggest drought. Advice can include to bundle up, wear a mask, and be prepared for a possible water shortage.