Freezing temps and the sun forgetting to show

Haelei VanGend, Staff Writer

Here in Utah temperatures have been dropping dramatically. We went from 80-90 degrees everyday, quickly down to 35-40 with almost no warning. Our temperatures didn’t slowly adjust this year. It seems we have skipped fall and have gone right to winter! The current weather feels as if we are in late November rather than early October. Does this mean snow is coming soon? It definitely is a possibility. With how cold and rainy it is recently, I think snow is in our near future. 

Waking up everyday to rain is personally no complaint, but in 30 degree weather, that means snow. And soon. As of next week it is supposed to slightly warm up. Reaching highs of anywhere between 60-67 degrees. That could help hold out on snow a little longer. Although we have been in what seems like constant rain, it should be stopping as soon as tomorrow!

As for the October 14, 2021 forecast there will be nonstop rain until around 2 PM. The same as what we have been seeing for nearly a week now. Temperatures will reach a high of 46 degrees, and a low of 36 degrees. Leaving the house at 7 AM this morning, temperatures were barely reaching 35 degrees, but have since slightly warmed up to 38 degrees. Now along with this sudden weather shift we are also having very dark mornings.

When people leave for school around 7 AM every morning, the sun is starting to come up and there is some light. Recently with all of this rain, it looks as we are driving at 1 AM. There is no sun in sight.

With the rain, the freezing temperatures, and the sun’s delay to make an appearance, this is definitely an adjustment for everyone. Stay safe and warm as this is going to be a crazy winter.