School dress code

Nancy Silva Stockseth, Staff Writer

Hunter High School and most public schools in Utah have a dress code. This is not necessarily a school uniform like charter schools have, but more like rules that students must follow with their clothing when going to school. Students can still wear what they want as long as it’s “dress code appropriate.” If students do not follow these rules they are told to change in some way, or given a shirt by the school, or even in some cases sent home for not wanting to change.

I definitely have my opinion on dress, but I wanted other people’s opinions as well. I asked students at Hunter High School what they thought about the dress code here. I asked them things like, “Does whatever we choose to wear affect our learning?” and “Do you think that what we choose to wear distracts others?” and more. In response to these questions, one student who’s here her senior year said, “The dress code is pointless. It shouldn’t matter what we choose to wear to school.”  Another student who is a junior responded with something pretty similar, “Our job at school is just simply to learn. It’s not dealing with people who tell you to change your clothes because it’s considered not appropriate.”

I continued asking students from all different grades about their thoughts on this matter. Most of them said pretty similar things about how they don’t support the dress code. A few students that I asked said that they actually don’t care enough to have an opinion. It appears that most of the people I talked to about this subject are either against it or just don’t care. But it’s also important to keep in mind I did not ask and speak to the entire student body of the school, so there could be plenty more opinions that are similar or different.

You’ve heard from other students but like I said when you first started reading this article, I have my opinion. My opinion on dress code is that I don’t agree with it. I try to understand it yet I do not see the point in it. The reasons we are given for dress code I do not seem to comprehend. There is always more to learn though, and that’s what I strive to do.