Gabby Petitio story

Shienne Alanis , Staff Writer

If you haven’t been catching up on the news, there is a case about a young woman in her early 20’s who had been missing for more than a week before her body was finally found in Wyoming. According to investigators she was traveling with her boyfriend Brian Laundrie on a cross country trip in June at the time. But at the end of August her family had reported that she stopped communicating with them all together after keeping them up with her traveling. In that month of August 2021, an officer who had been on duty caught sight of the couple who were identified as Gabby and Brian fighting viciously with each other. Then another witness reported that a young man who is presumed to be Brian Laundrie was hitting Gabby Petitio when they were passing by. Many reports show that they were fighting all throughout August before the communication ceased with her family. 

August 30 was the last day they had heard from Gabby. After not hearing from her, her family had reported her missing on September 11. Brian Laundrie has not been seen since September 14. This leaves investigators trying to find Gabby and Brian after the missing reports. It was soon found around September 21, that Gabby’s body had been found in Wyoming, which had to be autopsied to see if they could find out what had happened. Still there is no sign of Brian after the incident. 

All of this makes the incident go into multiple theories of how and why Brian killed Gabby. This has the investigators go into more detail to find out what happened to her and to find Brian, putting it to the point where they have issued that bounty hunters may go try to find Brian themselves to help the case. One of the big bounty hunters that is known as “Dog the bounty hunter” will be going into this case to find Brian and bring justice to her and her family who are in mourning of their loved one.